Anonymous asked:

Josh, I can't sleep help

aw are you ok? :(
Well as impersonal as it could sound, random anon
Feel free to talk to me or ask me questions, I really don’t post anything much anymore, all i do is come on here when I get a notification that i got a message, who knows, maybe Ill post more if i get more of these :P

but in accounts to sleeping, its ok! I was up til 4 yesterday doing…
Idk really, texting, youtube, writing a song so if I was up a little longer I could have responded to you!

and to help…
Dream of me ;P
well it’d put you to sleep to think about my boring life
But it might give you nightmares cuz I’m weird and scary and ugly
But at least you might sleep ;P

But if its a real problem then I do encourage you to get some real help or ask someone who knows what they’re talking about!


Anonymous asked:

do you know any good songs

Are you a boy or a girl? cuz that determines the songs that you could possibly like more

Girls have a tendency to like songs more like:
A rocket to the moon-
Songs: Like we used to, Mr. Right, Annabelle, On a lonely night, She’s killing me

Plain White T’s-
Songs: 1,2,3,4; Our Time Now, Hey there delilah

Hunter Hayes-
Love makes me, I want Crazy, Invisible

Dan Shay
19 You + Me

Nobody Knows

Look them up!


Anonymous asked:

How do you deal with situations that upset you? And are you scared of growing up?

Hi anonymous who asked me this question :) It’s been awhile!

Well personally I handle these situations in two different ways.
Depending on the severity of the situation, I might shut down, I will clam up and ignore the world. I do this to cool off and keep my composure so that I don’t blow up on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

The other way is that I look at the situation and my unreal sense of optimism will help me look past it so that it doesn’t bother me :3

And growing up?
I’m sure everyone has an innate fear of growing up.
The future can be a scary thing, but in my head, it’s also one of the most exciting things that could be happening to me. There are so many paths, so many decisions, and so many opportunities out there in the world. I am willing to pursue the ones that I want to chase with handwork and persistence. 

But to answer your question, yes I am scared of growing up to a degree. I fear the responsibilities that I am not aware of that will be thrust upon me as I go down life’s path. I am afraid of screwing up my life and not having a chance to do it over. But I’m not afraid of making mistakes, people can’t live without making mistakes because a mistake is what allows you to grow as a person. So I know its a little yes and no, but I am anxious and excited and ready and unprepared for my future and whatever it holds!


Anonymous asked:

Umm tell me what it's like to be Josh LOL

heh okies :P
Well you’re gonna have to specify a little more in the next questions assuming that you are going to write more questions… :3

Well let’s see, I’m the middle child with a  household of four boys, one older brother and two younger. I grew up playing sports year ‘round, baseball, basketball and soccer. Pokémon was my childhood and mario and luigi were like brothers to me ;P
hmm… this is like my background, well uhhh i don’t know what its like to be josh, do you mean right now? or before? or idk :P

Cuz right now… hmmm
I go to school at 7, I have two academic classes, ap lit and gov and the rest are choir and teacher’s assistant. I get to leave school at lunch but currently I have to come back or stay there for volleyball season. We practice for awhile and etc

personality wise to be josh, well:
I’m optimistic, yet I don’t get excited very often
Im very idealistic, but I can look at situations objectively
I have a very witty sense of humor and people tell me that my jokes are really cheesy, I use lots of word play
I guess i’m okay-looking, not the best or the worst
I am very laid back and easy going and i don’t worry about too many things
I am the epitome of patient which is why I don’t get mad often
I’m not a picky eater but I’m not fond of cilantro or peanut butter but i will eat it if I have to
I like effort, I like it when people put an effort out to talk to me, if  people try making an effort to talk to me and etc, i will give more effort to talking to them. 
I like the fact that I am very polite and I have a good sense of manners
I guess I’m decently athletic and I have a decently nice build, like I’m not super buff, but I’m not super scrawny either.
I have dimples, and some people like em
I consider myself as a gentleman too :3

sorry I’m just going through different things that generally could answer ur question.

social wise:
I don’t consider myself a very social person, but I do believe i have the social skills required to be very gregarious. 
I often times find myself walking to class alone while people stop me to say hi josh! And when people do that I say hi back and give them a smile.
I walk through the halls trying to make eye contact with people and when I make eye contact I give them a head nod or a smile.
Some people have called me popular, and I disagreed
I will say that I can be well-liked even though not many people know who i am or would hang out with me.
I don’t hang out with that many people
I can hold a conversation though. and I think on my feet so i never run out of things to say!

wow this is a lot of pertinent information… actually its a little random
Idk if it helped answer ur question, but this is me :3


Anonymous asked:


Wow that sucks :(
Well my day wasn’t so hot either,
I did pretty bad on a quiz in english, I had a small altercations with my friends and my volleyball coach was being kinda a jerk :(

But that’s ok!
And if u wanna story, ask me a question :3
or give me a subject and tell me if u want it to be made up or from my life :P

And i don’t mind :) I like answering these things! it gives me a time to stop and think about myself and my surroundings


Anonymous asked:

what did u eat for dinner

For dinner tonight I had my mom’s wonderful cooking
She’s the best!

I had some chicken with savory sauce over rice!

and she also made some beef barley soup and thats amazing! :)


Anonymous asked:

prettiest girls in each grade?

If you tell me who you are, or ask me in person, I’ll make all of that clear ;P

and in my response, remember prettiness is subjective to each individual which means you could possibly disagree with my choices

and saying they’re pretty doesn’t mean I like or dislike them, but yea
Ask me in person or put some names, usually I’m pretty generous with my responses :P

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