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Hmm well our group of friends is pretty big and, like most, some people are closer than others. So I don't know if we're just getting closer or if it's more than that. But yeah, I've known him for about 4 years and liked him for 2. He's really sweet, sometimes even in a cliché way. He doesn't take life too seriously and always jokes around. The other day he carried me like a princess and spun me around which ngl was pretty great (: haha idk what else I can tell you

He sounds like a pretty cool guy, almost as cool as me ;P

and honestly, you probably don’t need to tell me anything more, or anything at all, I just appreciate the chance I have to respond to these :3

And wow you’ve liked him for two years!
Do you think he knows you like him already? 
Have you ever given him a sign that you do over the past 2 years you’ve had feelings for him?
Because if you have, maybe he’s already picked up on it, or if he hasn’t, then maybe he’s stupid ;P
Feelings are very frustrating sometimes right? and fear, that’s frustrating..
And communication.. and a bunch of things, sorry :3

Have you ever tried looking at your friendship with him from his perspective?
Like how do you think he perceives you in his life?
Cuz if he is some sort of flirty casanova, do you think he see’s you as just another girl? Not trying to put that idea in your head, but i don’t know this guy at all… or you for that matter, describe you ;P

And well depending on how much you think he’s worth it, I encourage you to figure out how much of yourself you want to invest in him and your possibility with him.
If he is worth it, then why not chase it?
If you see him everyday and the guy you have feelings for is right in front of you, why not take a chance? What’s the worst that could happen?
The worst thing there is rejection, but the reward is much greater than the risk anyway! And you could be killing yourself on the inside knowing you’re so close to having what you want but you’re too afraid to grab it!

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

― William G.T. Shedd

People were made to live and chase their dreams and take risks and chances in their lives! take a chance on him if you think he’s what you want. and if he isn’t then oh well, you learned from the experience and grew from it. Try to live with no regrets, and when the time is right, go for it! :)

Thanks for talking to me :) tell me how it goes, or when it happens, or u don’t have to :P But thanks! Adios!


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How does one distinguish if a guy is flirting or just has a naturally flirty personality/is just being nice?? (Keeping in mind that we're in the same group of friends)

Same group of friends?
Then guessing that you guys see each other during school and probably hang out together during lunch, then you should see quite a bit of him and how he acts right? If it doesn’t hurt or bother you, tell me about him! Or what you know about him at least, have you known him for a long time?

Well, there are  tendencies of guys who are naturally flirty and they share certain personality traits:
Guys who are naturally flirty usually have an aura that they give off that says they’re confident and that they want to please the people around them. You’re looking at the people who like to make jokes and make people laugh. And if he’s flirting, he’ll probably try making more jokes with girls as his target audience, meaning all his jokes will be humor that girls tend to like better. such as, humor that isn’t too crass or crude, when he talks about love and etc it won’t be about sex and objectifying women, and he might even be really goofy and make jokes that will incite laughter and the response “You’re stupid!” Flirty guys are usually touchier with girls in general and look completely comfortable when talking to them. 

So if you notice small things like this and how he acts around your whole group, then chances are he may be a little flirty. Well assuming there are other girls in your group that he has an opportunity to flirt with.

And just being nice? If you see the difference between a guy flirting with you and being simply polite, you can tell easily. The polite guy just trying to be nice will tend to make less jokes and won’t spur on conversation as much. The questions they ask will be more focused on what you do and who you are like “What’s your favorite subject this year?” or “Do you play an instrument?” As opposed to talking with you and just joking around like “What if you were deserted on a tropical island and you could only have two people with you? Who would you take?” Stupid questions like that show that they guy is comfortable around you and isn’t caught up on being respectful and polite. And that he isn’t afraid for you to see more of the real him.

And to address flirty vs. flirty personality
If he flirts with you, then he’s flirting, and it doesn’t change the fact if he flirts with other people too. He is flirting with you with a few thoughts possibly in his head:
1. This girl is cute and I like how she response when I flirt with her, I might be interested.

2. I don’t know what I want or who wants me, so maybe if i flirt with all the girls ill find the one who actually does.

3. This girl is just really fun to flirt with, and i can’t stop myself from flirting with her!

So the difference would just be if he’s flirting with just you, or with everyone else too. and if he is flirting with everyone including you, maybe you can try to analyze how he flirts with you vs. everyone else. Keep in mind, This is flirting! it’s what people do to boost their self esteem and the other person’s. Don’t overthink any of this! Don’t dig yourself into the ground if you can’t figure out guys. They aren’t as complicated as you think and they’re rather quite stupid. Coming from a guy who has experienced this, my gender and I are really stupid. 

There’s a fine line between flirting with you and the personality but you can see it different ways. Maybe try flirting back with him a little and initiate it, guys like that and will most likely want to flirt with you more and that means less with other girls ;P
Tell me how it goes or what you see about him! Hopefully this helped and bye!!


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Hmmm… well I guess I’m a guy so let’s see… 
How do i think?

Well often times guys flip two different ways.

1. They will be very subtle and discreet about giving you signs that they like you, or they may not even give you signs because they are stuck in some sort of confusion about what to do about liking you. So they might just end up doing nothing and freezing until you make some sort of gesture to melt their walls down. Inside, all guys are pretty cowardly and selfish, but if a guy you know who isn’t very forward about things gathers the courage to tell you he likes you, then he probably does! :P 

2. Guys will be flirty with you and give you endless amounts of attention, and if you find them spending time with you and making sacrifices in their schedule for you, then that could be an indication that you are pretty important to them. Like if he takes the time to sit with you during lunch instead of his friends, it could be a sign! But signs can come in a bunch of different ways and have many different forms. And theres a possibility that they won’t come at all! or you won’t notice! 

Oh and way #3,
I guess if he tells you he likes you, then you’ll know then too :P

and if you want the stereotypical talk on the little romantic things hyped up by the movies,
Notice how much he looks at you when he thinks you aren’t looking. Talk to him a little bit and see how easily you can catch his smile. Offer a hug and see how he hugs you, and if it’s a front hug, see how tight he holds you and how much he doesn’t want the hug to end. Make eye contact with him, and if you find him thrown off by gazing into your eyes, something happened that you couldn’t see, but both of you could have felt.
Try to see what’s he’s in it for, whether it be a short fling or a relationship and if he wants to get in and get out or stay. Check where his eyes wander and if it’s your chest instead your eyes. But give him a little bit of slack! Guys will naturally gravitate their eyes in those areas out of sheer natural attraction. But if he stays there too long, don’t offer him that luxury until you know his heart.

Check the effort he puts into his words and if he fumbles them as he speaks to you. See if he listens to you when you speak and if he remembers anything you tell him. See if he does anything chivalrous for you i.e. opening the door for you, and other polite gestures. See if his behavior changes when you say certain things.

For example, I once wondered if a girl had a crush on me or not, so casually in conversation I threw in the fact that i really liked straightened hair. (her hair was naturally wavy and it was really pretty the way it was, but just for experiments sake) I also said I liked big sweaters and dark blue jeans. So the next day at school I saw her during class and she had on a cute sweater that she could get lost in, blue jeans and she straightened her hair. And in that moment, it was a small indication that she might be interested in me. And in turn, you know you like a guy if you find yourself going out of your way to do extra things to get them to notice you or call you pretty and etc. I told her she looked really cute and she gave me a hug and went on with the day. She later told me that even if it lasted a moment and took much more effort than it was worth normally, that it was well worth it because she said that those words rang in her ears during all her classes that day and it made her day. 

Sorry for the story if u didn’t wanna hear it :P
But maybe for a guy, if he usually wears like bball shorts and a hype beast or plain shirt, see if there’s a change in how he dresses or how he acts and if he’s doing it to impress you in the slightest.
Like if one day he comes to school in a nice button up and skinny jeans, make sure to compliment him and make him feel good so he isn’t afraid to do it more for you! If that’s what you want!

so in the end, there are a few different ways you can figure out if a guy likes you:
Based on his behavior, the effort he puts into seeing you/talking to you, the effort he puts into impressing you and catching you eye, and just by the feeling you get when he’s around you.
And there’s if he tells you directly, but my experience with seeing other guys and their feelings, says that its a little more uncommon for that to happen. 

But if you like him, and he’s to shy or afraid to ask, you could spur on the comment and say you like him, and after that, guys are usually open enough to share if their feelings are shared. Then BAM kiss hug relationship be responsible have fun make memories! ;P

Thanks for asking! sorry if this answer is boring, too long, or irrelevant but i tried! and ask more questions if you feel like it! Goodnight/good morning or afternoon when you see this! :)


You want to be heroic? Don’t give up on your friends when it becomes hard to talk to them.

You want to be brave? Talk about important things even if starting the conversation is awkward.

You want to be awesome? Spend more time blessing other people than you do enjoying life for yourself.

Real heroes are more concerned about the folks in distress than they are about their own comfort and safety.


Anonymous asked:

When you like someone do you tell them straight up or what

Hi :) thanks for the question!

And I’m sorry but this answer isn’t really a black or white answer.
It sounds lame but it really depends:

It depends on the circumstances you see yourself in and the opportunities that are presented to you.

It depends on how you think the other person will respond to the different ways you can tell them. It also depends if they have feelings for you too.

It also depends on your personality and what works best for you, and how you come across.

For example, I have a terrible time trying to tell someone I like them. I think I’ve only had to do it once, but that was a fairly interesting story :P
Most of the time, I’ve realized that I’m quite cowardly when it comes to telling someone how I feel first. So what I try to do instead, whether it’s intentional or not, is flirt and I hope that it tells them that I’m interested.

So I give them compliments and I try to show them extra special attention to show them that I’m not just flirting with them and that it might mean something more. Which is a dilemma I commonly face because I am a naturally flirtatious kind of guy and people will dismiss it even if I really mean it :P

So in short, I guess I try getting the other person to see that I like them by my actions and what I do around them instead of telling them directly.
That doesn’t mean that’s the best way, in fact, it probably isn’t! But it’s how I go about stuff like this.

Some people are really good at being direct about stuff like this, and I’m just not one of those people. So just ask yourself what makes you most comfortable in telling them. 

But don’t be too comfortable and not tell them at all!
There will always be a certain degree of anxiety and worry that will happen when you are gathering the courage to place your feelings out there! Nothing worth doing in life comes easy right? ;3
I can say that regret and the feelings pounding out of your chest will hurt you much more than taking a chance and telling the person you like them.

Even if you aren’t met with reciprocated feelings, it feels much better than knowing you were too scared to pursue anything you wanted in life!
If you do get turned down, which is a real fear, at you tried and you can move on with your life. Whether it be getting over him/her or not, you learn something from the experience. If he/she likes you back, then congratulations! You put your heart on the line and it was successful! But if they don’t, then hey, that’s life and you’ll grow from it. You might learn how to handle rejection better or not get stuck up on a guy that isn’t good enough to understand and see how wonderful you are! And it’s not something to beat yourself up over either. If it helps at all, I’d be proud of you if you expressed your feelings no matter the outcome ;)

Sorry this is long, but yeah, I like answering messages :3
I don’t get them much maybe cuz I don’t do anything with tumblr but I enjoy it :3

Oh, but to basically answer your question, I don’t tell people straight up.
I’m a very indirect person and I know that isn’t my way of expressing my feelings. I do it through actions of care and by spending time with people.
Oh and by giving compliments. Thanks for asking! and have a nice night/day!! :D


Anonymous asked:

Josh, I can't sleep help

aw are you ok? :(
Well as impersonal as it could sound, random anon
Feel free to talk to me or ask me questions, I really don’t post anything much anymore, all i do is come on here when I get a notification that i got a message, who knows, maybe Ill post more if i get more of these :P

but in accounts to sleeping, its ok! I was up til 4 yesterday doing…
Idk really, texting, youtube, writing a song so if I was up a little longer I could have responded to you!

and to help…
Dream of me ;P
well it’d put you to sleep to think about my boring life
But it might give you nightmares cuz I’m weird and scary and ugly
But at least you might sleep ;P

But if its a real problem then I do encourage you to get some real help or ask someone who knows what they’re talking about!


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do you know any good songs

Are you a boy or a girl? cuz that determines the songs that you could possibly like more

Girls have a tendency to like songs more like:
A rocket to the moon-
Songs: Like we used to, Mr. Right, Annabelle, On a lonely night, She’s killing me

Plain White T’s-
Songs: 1,2,3,4; Our Time Now, Hey there delilah

Hunter Hayes-
Love makes me, I want Crazy, Invisible

Dan Shay
19 You + Me

Nobody Knows

Look them up!


Anonymous asked:

How do you deal with situations that upset you? And are you scared of growing up?

Hi anonymous who asked me this question :) It’s been awhile!

Well personally I handle these situations in two different ways.
Depending on the severity of the situation, I might shut down, I will clam up and ignore the world. I do this to cool off and keep my composure so that I don’t blow up on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

The other way is that I look at the situation and my unreal sense of optimism will help me look past it so that it doesn’t bother me :3

And growing up?
I’m sure everyone has an innate fear of growing up.
The future can be a scary thing, but in my head, it’s also one of the most exciting things that could be happening to me. There are so many paths, so many decisions, and so many opportunities out there in the world. I am willing to pursue the ones that I want to chase with handwork and persistence. 

But to answer your question, yes I am scared of growing up to a degree. I fear the responsibilities that I am not aware of that will be thrust upon me as I go down life’s path. I am afraid of screwing up my life and not having a chance to do it over. But I’m not afraid of making mistakes, people can’t live without making mistakes because a mistake is what allows you to grow as a person. So I know its a little yes and no, but I am anxious and excited and ready and unprepared for my future and whatever it holds!

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